a new (and actually nice) PAP MP banner.

I chanced upon this banner after dinner today, and it caught and got my undivided 30seconds on attention as I stood still to look. This MP-wishing-residents banner is quite different from anything I’ve seen. I feel that this one’s got a heart.

Firstly, the designer made effort to make this Christmas banner look different from the typical PAP banner.

Apologies for the small image; I couldn’t even find any off Google Image, guess no one actually bothered to take a picture of it and post it up, which could in itself mean something, but let’s not go there.

As you can see, the typical PAP MP banner consists of a big (or in some cases, very, very huge) portrait of a PAP MP. And next to it, in stroked-Arial will read Mr XXX, MP of XXX GRC WISHES ALL RESIDENTS A __________. What’s refreshing in Ms Low’s banner, is that the approach seems so much more sincere and warm. And it’s not that difficult to achieve.

Content-wise, the designer made it feel as though Ms Low was writing a personal letter with the pronoun ‘YOU’. Then he included a signature which also helps a lot. The ‘Ms’ was also dropped in favor of this. The content itself lends a very nice touch to the otherwise sorely impersonal banners we see year after year. I’m not too sure how much a banner like this costs (maybe around 150odd?), but if money is going to be spent, at least, from a designer’s perspective, it should be more effective at reaching out to the residents.

Design wise, it’s quite the same, but I like that the appointment of Ms Low isn’t SHOUTING OUT AT RESIDENTS WITH A BIG BOLD FONT NEXT TO THE NAME OF THE MP.

I honestly think it isn’t easy to design banners like these. While on one hand I understand that new MPs want to make themselves (and their 383923 appointments) known, this can also seem very insincere / impersonal to people. How many name cards can you find that has a person’s position printed in the same font size as his/her name? Yet in these PAP banners, it’s like that.

But looking at Ms Low’s banner, I think it’s a good start. The Opposition MPs don’t really need to publicise themselves actually; Singapore’s eyes were on them the whole time around since GE2011. How can I forget how Mr Chen Show Mao looks like anyway?


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One response to “a new (and actually nice) PAP MP banner.

  1. I quite like reading through a post that can make people think.
    Also, thanks for allowing for me to comment!

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