2012: God has been good.

I’m writing this, and because I naturally write at the end of the year.

How was 2012?

It seemed like a very long year that ended very quickly.

I know, a contradiction, but life is just full of them anyway. Not an issue for me. I began 2012 as a Year 1, Sem 2 student. I was just starting out. And 1 year on, I am about to go for exchange. Plans did change along the way, from National Chengchi Uni to National Chiaotung. But it was okay, the idea was to get into Taiwan and study there for a while. And now, I’m at the verge of it. I am excited, but I am also dreading how it will be like to leave home for a few months.

2012 was… quite the journey of God’s Grace.

If entering WKW was God’s grace, then His grace certainly didn’t stop there. It extended to helping me do well (better, actually), sem after sem. My GPA kept on increasing, despite how difficult its seemed. Every sem proved to be more challenging than the last, every revision seemed more half-hearted and it seemed like I had to keep on mustering more and more motivation to do the simplest revision or what. I was scared stiff of the prospect of not doing well. Yet in spite of my inadequacies and my lack of motivation, lack of everything, God proved to me once again He can provide. He provided me the grade that I set as a bare minimum in order to get an iPad. I lacked so much motivation I had to use an iPad to motivate myself. But in short, it was definitely God’s doing. I admit I worked a lot this semester, but you never know.

Another thing was the IPPT. I am always very bad at SBJ, but somehow by the miracle of God I jumped 220cm and passed my previous cycle. I have never passed SBJ since secondary school. I am here at the same juncture again, once I recover from my sore throat I will continue to train and I trust that God will provide once more.

God is able to take the little that you have, multiply it to His abundance and feed you.

A period of testing.

In so many ways, I was stretched. Stretched to handle school work, church, design. The load was so overwhelming in so many ways and along the way I had to let go of some things. The week in and outs of the 2nd sem was much heavier even without my ci club stuff. As a result by the time the exams were around the corner, I was already quite drained by then. That was when I knew I really needed some help from above to tide me through. And God did. I am just so glad He brought me through.

New experiences. New people. 

2012 was a time when I finally got to be a DJ. Got to know a good friend who’s flown back to Canada now. Left the design work I’ve been taking on. Applied and got in to NCTU. But a lot more goes on beneath. And I am thankful that God has given me someone in cell who understands where I come from. I guess in many ways we are also learning from one another, and to be honest 2012 would not be the same without this great guy I come to know in cell. I may not have a mentor, but I have a dear brother who understands (and whom I can understand). I also got to know TGIF on a much greater and deeper measure this time around because now everyone takes turns to lead the cell and we’re all learning much from one another.

So many things have happened in 2012. I wish I can be the kind of person who will say ‘I can’t wait for 2013/2012 was awesome’. But nope, I’m too realistic to say things like that. I just wanna consolidate everything that has happened this year and say that thru it all, God is Good.

2012 was a tough year.

A lot of challenges, a lot of changes, but a lot of growth as well. And God has not left me to my lonely self, and he gave me someone to care deeply for. I got to know myself more, to feel more, to go beyond the surface of things, to encounter people.

In 2012, I learnt to live a bit more. I learn to speak less, to feel more. I learnt to look at someone in the eye and let them tell me about themselves. I learnt to stop talking, to start listening to people. It’s baby steps, but it’s in the right direction. It’s an emotional year for me. I’ve learnt to let go of some things, and hold on more tightly to others. To the things that actually matter.

A year when God decided to show himself in so many ways, from my IPPT to my exam results, to providing me a special brother to speak into my life. 2012 was a tough year, but its not without Christ. It was a year with the Lord.


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