supernatural progression.

Here’s to the fleeting moments of 2013. Almost three weeks have passed and I havent written a single goal for 2013. I will write them soon.

But as it started, and as Jan is also about to end just as quickly, as I am going to Taiwan in a mere matter of days. It used to be like a dream. Like I will be going sooooon. And suddenly it’s next Saturday. Isn’t it crazy?

So many things have happened. Things that I will take the entire trip in Taiwan to figure out.

I feel that my time doing design as a ministry is church may be over.

And some recent events have also caused me to wonder if its a sign from God that I’m about to go somewhere new.

But I am quite sure about it. About the fact that it’s time to stand up and move to somewhere new. If I means hearing from the Lord Himself, I will go where He leads.

I entered design because my mother then asked the church, and I emailed my (then) portfolio to Grace Chung. After that when she left, I naturally progressed on. And then I was under Matt.

David from my cell likes to term things as a natural progression.

Perhaps now, it’s the time for a supernatural progression.

I was all the while thinking of Taiwan as a trip to get thoroughly inspired and come back to do good work for the Grace Mission magazines. But as time passed, I no longer felt it to be like that. Perhaps it was the pride that made me hang on to the Missions magazines for so long. But I realise that it’s never too late to let go.

I will seek God and ask Him what’s next. Because my soul is restless and I know deep within that I can stay here no longer. The season has come and gone. There people who have once burdened me no longer has that effect on me already.

There are many questions I can ask. But most importantly is that, I know God’s leading me into somewhere new. Somewhere where the air will not be stale. And it would have a few years since that has happened.

It’s time I move on. And where He leads, I follow. If it’s out of design in church, that’s okay. I don’t feel that pinch anymore. I no longer feel that I have something to lose.

It will be a year of open doors, Lord. A year where You will open doors no man can shut, and You will shut doors no man can open. Lead me into your promised land for me this year Lord.


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Largely popular with a few exceptions, he doesn't love the whole world, and doesn't try to either. A typical Singaporean epicurean, he enjoy

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