Before, After.

Singapore has changed since I came back. Or more like leaving Singapore for 5 months really changed me. It’s only been a few days since I’m back, but so many things have happened since I’m back.

I came back on Wednesday night, and since then I’ve been prepping for Matt and Serene’s Wedding. I was to be their emcee, in Chinese. It was a nerve wrecking time to be doing it for the first time in my life, with no official rehearsal opportunity with my co-emcee Amanda at the G2 Sanctuary. But thank God it turned out well received, and for that I am grateful.

Coming back, many things have changed. I came back to a Singapore what I can’t help but see in a different light. I find myself not being as judgemental towards foreigners, having been one myself in Taiwan and Japan.

I have also just finished packing my room, and cleaning it up. It took my 3 days to get it done, but now at least my room is neat, tidy and clean. It’s really helpful for my nose so I don’t sneeze so much. This time around the cleaning was really deep and thorough.

Being overseas really made me more independent and also more aware and responsible towards my own things. Like I will want to clean my room because a clean dust-free room directly benefits my own health and comfort.

Being overseas made me unconsciously much more confident when I’m using Chinese. That environment really forced me to not only speak, but think in Chinese.

Being overseas really caused me to rethink my design, to start off with no preconceptions of what design should be or is like. It made me realise how equipped I can be in my skills and yet lack so much in the soul of it all. There is so much of soul in Taiwan that sometimes I felt like I was thief ransacking through every crook and cranny of what belongs safely in their treasure trove. And I can say that no exposure is as good as immersion.

After: I am finally back.

After 5 months of wandering to and fro, amongst two countries: Taiwan and Japan.

I guess being overseas made me appreciate home more. The standards to which I hold Singapore to still stays, but the attitude thru which they are held in have been more humane than ever.

If I am to let exchange change my life, the last thing I need to do is to revert to what I was before I left. So today when I alighted from the bus, I said 謝謝 to the bus aunty, who seemed slightly taken aback to hear that, but she looked at me and beamed me a smile. At that point I knew that this is the route I will take, I will continue to bring the best of Taiwan back to Singapore where I live. That way, my exchange will never end.


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Largely popular with a few exceptions, he doesn't love the whole world, and doesn't try to either. A typical Singaporean epicurean, he enjoy

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