My Blessed Busyness

Someone once told me life is about choices, and that I could choose to not be this busy. I was a little moved at first, thinking of how I should reexamine myself and the way I live my life. But at the next possible instant I remembered that I wasn’t busy for the sake of it. It sure felt like I was working my arse off; the nights are crazy, the days are mad. The assignments come in droves, and expectations for each of them sky high. I missed my first cell group last friday and I was outraged by the fact that I *had* to choose between cell and work. But work won cos work had to be done.

But thinking back I knew that person’s comments made no sense to me. Because life isn’t about choices, life is about making the fullest out of your choices. And sometimes life doesn’t give you much of a choice. 

This semester, appropriately after 8 months of nearly zero brain activity in Taiwan and Japan and all, I am back doing. In fact this sem is much more of doing than reading, projecting, or whatnots. It’s a very hands-on sem. I have to think of ideas for adverts. I have to come up with designs for my school’s magazine. I have to get ready my resume, cover letter. I have to go for all sorts of meetings, interviews, yadayada. 3 of my days end later than 8pm. 

But this sem I am busy with the magazine I used to read during my NS days, fantasizing of the times I would be in WKWSCI. For the first time I am actually revamping the entire magazine in time for its fitting 10th anniversary.

But this sem I am busy with leading a team of 4 awesome people who do great work in getting stories and meeting tight deadlines. For the first time I get to lead people under my charge.

But this sem I am busy with YAYP ministry, to do up the visual for an upcoming bonding activity. For the first time I am involved directly with the YA.

But this sem I am busy with Huayi Festival, more specifically the InMusic section feature awesome indie music bands from around Asia, at the Esplanade. For the first time, I am doing something of such a scale and magnitude. 

But this sem I am busy with touring my home. I am blessed to have great friends to bring me around the island, to little known parts and just to explore this place. I learn so much. For the first time, I went to the Singapore Flyer and the Gardens By The Bay. It was an uplifiting experience.

But this sem has such goodness. I received a generous bursary from the Toh Kian Chui foundation from NTU that will go a long way to offset my expenses.

But this sem has such goodness. Today I hear that my group’s video for CS0900 got into the finals.

But this sem has such goodness. I was downloading some Hi-Res photos for artistes to work on the key visual for Huayi, and I was like, “OMG, I am actually doing this? This is for real?” I never imagine I will be producing stuff that will be on newspapers, stands and social media. There is nothing in this upcoming project that I have done before. It’s all new.

But this sem, indeed, has such goodness. I am actually able to decide the future for ConnexSCIons, and get the nod from both men in my course. 

This sem is busy, let’s not deny that. But make no mistake — I do not, and have not been busy-ing myself for nothing. There has never been a more meaningful semester in my university life, and for that I have only God to thank.


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Largely popular with a few exceptions, he doesn't love the whole world, and doesn't try to either. A typical Singaporean epicurean, he enjoy

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