moving on from JERRIE.ATSPACE.COM

The time has come for me to move on.

JERRIE.ATSPACE.COM (JAC) has was born out of an impulse during one of those unmemorable, dusty old April afternoons of 2005. Since then, it’s become a home for my thoughts, the ever-so-often rants about life, the occasional promotion about the music I rave about, the discursive essays I pen out of fury and the like.

So, this is a tribute to the blog that I so loved, and also the hopes I have for this new blog site, JIROMAIYA.WORDPRESS.COM.

JAC has always been a (almost) accurate reflection of the Jeremiah you see in real life. In fact, many of the stuff you find at JAC can hardly be found coming out of my mouth, unless you truly ask, then you’ll truly know. Through my secondary school years, then on to my junior college years, then through a good part of my National Service, JAC has been the bookkeeper of my life.

Then came this cute, nifty application for my iPod. Momo, a diary app for my iPod started to open a new avenue of lexicon-al release for me. Since it’s so private (it’s got a password that only I know), I started to write all my more personal stuff there, and hence I began to not frequent here as much. After all, for someone who stays in camp five days a week, you cannot really expect much of an update right?

Also chipping away at JAC’s ailing timeline was, or 無名, the blog that I would later use to write my Chinese posts. Being a personal, 100% DIY-ed blog, it was quite a chore to maintain the consistency of the design and layout. “Linking” posts to Facebook was a near impossibility with my sparse knowledge of HTML lingo.

So, as you can see, JAC did die a natural death. Meanwhile I was already exploring other options. Blogger (只需加熱水), WordPress (welcome to JIROLAND), Tumblr (莫名人新寫) and so on. But a five year relationship with either a girl or a blog isn’t something you can let go just so easily. That’s why I took my time, and got my conclusion.

JIROMAIYA.WORDPRESS.COM (JWC) will be the new, permanent home for me, and with this I will want to combine all the post from my other blogs (sans the blog), so everything’s under one roof. And that will all go into my momo diary app. So everything’s in one app. But it’ll take a while, something I’ll do in my pastime, if I’ve got any…

Okay, my eulogy’s done. If you’ve been a fervent (or even the occasional) reader of JAC, I thank you, and hope you’ll continue to lend your eyes and support to JWC. This is my own responsibility to my own future.

God Bless,

Jeremiah Wong
30th May 2010


About jiromaiya

Largely popular with a few exceptions, he doesn't love the whole world, and doesn't try to either. A typical Singaporean epicurean, he enjoy

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